EMC Scientific Inc. is proud to have exceptionally qualified and experienced professionals to provide top standard services to our clients.

Dr. Fajun Chen (Principal Mycologist) is analysing samples, whilst providing technical leadership at EMC and conducting related research to enhance our services in the industry. Dr. Chen is an accomplished mycologist and has over 20 years experience in mycology. He obtained his Ph.D. in mycology from Reading University (UK) in 1991. Dr. Chen has studied/worked at several well-known institutions, including International Mycological Institute (UK), Institute of Microbiology, CAS (China), University of Minnesota (USA) and University of Guelph (Canada). He has conducted broad research in fungal taxonomy, fungal ecology & pathology, and fungal molecular genetics. He has many publications in mycology. Dr. Chen has been working in the industry since 2002. His extensive experience in identification of various fungal groups will help ensure laboratory analysis results from EMC are accurate and reliable. Contact Dr. Fajun Chen: fchen@emcscientific.ca.

Alister Haddad (Managing Director) has fifteen years experience in microbial contamination consulting. His role at EMC will bridge the environmental microbiology laboratory and consulting community. EMC will NOT provide consulting services to the public. Mr. Haddad will be happy to assist clients in interpretation of laboratory analysis reports, and in design of sampling strategy when required. He also maintains efficient client relations. Contact Alister Haddad: ahaddad@emcscientific.ca.

In combination with exceptional experience, EMC is unique to this aspect in the industry.

This unique combination will help us deliver better services to clients than any other laboratories in the industry, whilst providing top quality laboratory analysis.